My first visit to China

China is a massive country with a completly different culture than I was used to in Holland. I visited China for the first time in september 2018 for a exchange program during my Bachelor Software Engeneering. With a group of Dutch students we spent 6 months in Xiamen, a peninsula at the level of Taiwan.

During my time in Xiamen we stayed at Xiamen University which a very nice and huge University. Xiamen is a small island and the univeristy takes a big part of the south side of the island.

We where grouped with Chinese students from the university to work on different projects for local and foreign companies. The projects where very diverse from mobile apps,  operating systems for drones and even a Wechat mini program.

Six months in China learned me a lot about the culture. Because I had to work together with my Chinese teammates it was important to learn how they think. In the beginning that didn't go well. Even we tried to understand eachother as good as possible.