The best email client for Desktop

The best email client for Desktop
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For a long time I'm trying to find the perfect email client for my Macbook. I've tried a lot of programs to manage my email, but allmost all have

Finally I've found the best email client which fulfill my needs. It's Postbox, a client email client which is made by former developers of Mozilla Thunderbird.

Why is Postbox so good?

  • Clean interface
  • Built in spam filtering
  • Integration with PGP encryption
  • Acitvely updated
  • A option to buy once instead of a monthly subscription
  • Email templates

Before I used Airmail which was not activly developed first. And then started to charge lots of money for their new version which is a subscription.

Em Client

At my work I use Em client a lot. The UI is very clean and fast compared to Outlook. The one time payment for the license is also a pro.

There is even a free version when you're using max 2 accounts. Great deal for personal computer.


Thunderbird can't be mentioned on this list. Great emailclient created by and currently managed by Mozilla. Recently it got a nice design upgrade.


Fastmail doesn't have a desktop application, but I still want this company on the list. Currently I use their email services for my business email. Fastmail offers good quality email. Their spamfilter is way better than the average webmail you get at a hosting company included with your website. Thereby has fastmail good deliverabilty of your email especially if you email to Outlook or gmail. I've used Migudu in the past, often my email didn't arrive in the inbox of the recipient if they used outlook or gmail. You don't want that to happen when you use your email for business !